Welcome to the Bookmans Sports Frequently Asked Questions. Take a look and if we haven’t answered your question, let us know.

* I’d like to trade my exercise equipment. Do I need to bring it to the store or will you come to my home to look at it?
We can come to your home to look at exercise equipment or larger quantities of sporting goods and outdoor gear. Send an email to sports@bookmans.com describing your items in detail. Pictures are helpful. After receiving your email, an employee will contact you to schedule an appointment.

* Do you buy or sell firearms?
We do not buy or sell firearms, but we do buy and sell accessories such as rifle scopes and cases.

* I have trade credit from your bookstores. Can I use it at the Sports Exchange?
Yes! You can also use the trade credit you get at the Sports Exchange at our bookstores.

* If I buy something large, do you deliver?
We will deliver within the Tucson metro area for a fee of $80.

* Can I trade my books, music, movies or video games at Bookmans Sports Exchange?
For the most part, no. We do trade books related to sports, fitness or the outdoors. We’re also interested in maps, trail guides, fitness DVDs and sports-themed video games.

* If you don’t take my bike, do you know where I can donate it?
If you’d like to leave your unwanted bike with us, we’ll donate it to Bizanteen Bikes, a non-profit aimed at educating youth about bike repair and providing low-cost, low-impact transportation to people who are unable to afford other means of transport.

* Can I use my trade credit for repair services?
Yes! We accept trade credit for all our repair services including bike and skate services, baseball glove, racquet and ski repair and maintenance and fitness equipment services.

* If I decide something I buy at Bookmans Sports Exchange isn’t for me, can I return it?
Yes, you have 30 days to decide if it’s right for you. Returned items must be in their original Bookmans sales condition. Items purchased at Bookmans Sports Exchange may not be returned to Bookmans Entertainment Exchange and vice versa.

* Is the merchandise at Bookmans Sports Exchange new or used?
We sell both. The price tag will tell you whether the item is used or new.

* Can I use my Project: Educate, Kid’s Club or 1317 discounts at Bookmans Sports Exchange?
We developed those discounts specifically for our bookstores. They can’t be used at the Sports Exchange.